Oxford & Derby shoe making class: $2500

Instructor: Frank Beneduci / Felix Santos: This class covers all steps to master and be able to make high quality machine stitched handmade shoes or boots.The class is 6 days and covers Last Taping, Leather Cutting, Sewing for Shoes, Lasting, Soling and Finishing. You will pick from many Beneduci patterns and have the ability to choose leather style and colors. At the end of class you will recieve a packet of information that covers lesson, pattern making formulas, leather suppliers, tool makers, machine suppliers and last producers. Designed for first time designers. 6 days, $2500 per student. Conatct Frank Beneduci to be added to our wait list. Contact Frank at info@frankbeneduci.com or 415-577-2786

Sewing & Clicking for Shoes: $700, October 13th & 14th

Instructor:  Felix Santos /Frank Beneduci: Learn all the techniques for cutting glueing and sewing for shoes, what machines to buy, and how to sew efficiently. This 2 day class is with Felix Santos. Felix has a lifetime of experience and talent to help you get sewing shoes correctly. Sewing is one of the most important parts to making shoes look high quality. Learn Cutting leather, Skiving, Glueing, Internal infrastructure placement and Sewing Derby & Oxford Constructions. October 13th & 14th, two spots still available. Contact Frank at info@frankbeneduci.com or 415-577-2786

Pattern Making for Shoes:$1250, October 25th - 28th

Instructor: Frank Beneduci: This course covers pattern making for Shoes & Boots. We focus on the Italian system of pattern making, which is designed to make shoes fit the last with minimal pulling while maintaining beautiful proportions by using a mathematical formula pioneered by Italy's most famous Pattern Maker/Instructor. The class will cover how to measure a last, make a correct "Mean Form", Derby Formula, Oxford Formula & Ankle Boot. You will learn Heel size, Model Fitting Point, Counter height and others important deatails to help draw a pattern that is ready for sewing. 4 days $1250. 3 spots still available. Contact Frank at info@frankbeneduci.com or 415-577-2786.